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Primal Birth Courses & Circles 

Building community. Creating radical change.


 The Motherline Series 

Introducing The Motherline Series! An in-person childbirth education course spanning over three weeks in San Diego hosted by Javiera Sobarzo & myself. 

  • Our hope is that you will leave feeling more in tune with your intuition and body, a greater understanding of your physiological needs in birth, distinguish between intuition and fear and have a clearer picture of what you envision your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey to feel like

Topics include:

- hormones in birth and what each one needs

- What disturbs the hormonal dance

- Why birth matters

- Connection to your self and your baby

- What happens if we don’t get the experience we envision

- Postpartum planning

- Community resources

- Embodiment practices: journaling, movement, meditation, breathwork

General outline of our days:

Opening grounding/meditation


Movement Practice


  • Sunday, February 5th, 10am-4pm

  • Private residence in Azalea Park

  • Nutritious snacks and drinks provided

Register here


Women's Circle 

A monthly gathering on the second Sunday of the month. A safe space to foster community & connection. Open to all women.

An exploration of topics such as: first moon, maidenhood, fertility, herbal medicine, connecting to our ancestry, birth story sharing, postpartum healing and much more!

General flow:

A grounding opening, intention setting, topic discussion, sharing of food, an activity, & closing of the circle.


The circles will take place at various women's houses or an agreed upon outdoor space.

2023 Dates

January 22nd, 11am -2pm

February 12th, 11am-2pm

March 12th, 11am-2pm

April 9th, 11am-2pm

May 14th, 11am-2pm

June 11th, 11am-2pm

July 9th, 11am-2pm

August 13th, 11am-2pm

September 10th, 11am-2pm

October 8th, 11am-2pm

November 12th, 11am-2pm

December 10th, 11am-2pm

Please bring a meal or beverage to share with the group as well as an item for our altar. 

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