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Postpartum Doula Support

Postpartum is a time of great transformation & healing. The need for community support is essential. The intention of this offering is to provide extra support and nourishment during this transitional stage

Postpartum care include

Basic Package:

  • Includes: Light housekeeping, infant care, pet/sibling care, meals, infant massage, birth story processing

  • 50 hrs over 2 months

  • $2,350 which comes to approx. $45/hr plus fees


All of the above with 1 postpartum planning sessions- which includes a meal prep session

100 hrs over 3 months

$4,500 which comes to approx. $45/hr

Day Time Support: $40/hr - 4hr minimum
Overnight Support: $45/hr - 8hr minimum


4.oz Herbal Blends & Tinctures

8 Postpartum meals 

I offer discounts and sliding scale fees on an as needed basis.

If you live North of Del Mar, a $50-$150 travel fee may be added.


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