Mother and Baby

Connect. Nourish. Thrive.

Postpartum looks different for every body, but the need for community support is essential. The intention of this offering is to provide extra support and nourishment during this transitional stage. 

*Payment plans & reduced fees are available*


  • 1-2 postpartum planning sessions (typically 1-2hr home visit)

  • Emotional support (e.g. birth story processing)

  • Infant support: Lactation, feeding, & newborn care basics

  • Nutrition: Offering of nutritious prenatal & postpartum meals delivered to your refrigerator

  • Household: Light housekeeping, errand running & sibling or pet care.

  • Handmade Herbal tea, sitz bath & vaginal steaming blends.

  • Basics of Infant Massage: Soothing massage techniques. Hands on instruction for parent to infant connection. ​


Daytime: $40/hr

Nighttime: $45/hr

*Day & Nighttime booked in 4 hour increments*

I offer discounts and sliding scale fees on an as needed basis.

If you live North of Del Mar, a $50-$150 travel fee may be added.

Postpartum Meal Delivery Service 

Nourishing & warming foods are the cornerstone of postpartum recovery. Personalized nourishing postpartum meals delivered to your door allow you to fully immerse yourself in healing & connecting with your baby. A peaceful and nurtured postpartum is your birthright!

View meal delivery packages here 


Placenta Encapsulation 

Wanting to reap the benefits of that beautiful organ you created? Placenta Encapsulation services are available!

How it works:

  • Placenta will be discreetly picked up within hours of birth

  • 50-150 (depending placenta size) nourishing pills will be delivered to your home within one week of delivery

  • Includes umbilical cord keepsake & dosage instructions

  • Add on placenta tincture for $20

Not sure how you want to honor your placenta? Let's discuss other rituals that include the whole family!

                                                                                    Investment: $300

I offer discounts and sliding scale fees on an as needed basis.