I am Ana Marie

+ Woman

+ Birthkeeper

+ Childbirth Educator

+ Globe trotter

         Primal Birth Vision

   Primal Birth was founded on the belief that the way we birth matters.

I trust birth.

Birth is yours to claim. You are the the expert of your body, baby & birth.

I consider this work an inherent calling and am committed to honoring & bearing witness to this sacred rite of passage.

My offerings were created with the intention to support individuals who desire to fully embody their pregnancy through autonomy, intuition & knowledge with the support of a nurturing community. 

Education & Experience:

x Spinning Babies Training (2022)

x  Full-Spectrum Doula in training with Birthing Advocacy (2021)

x Completed Grandma's Hands Pregnancy & Postpartum Herbs and Nutrition in the Southern Tradition Course (2021)

x Red Cross Certified in Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid (2021)

x Infant Massage Intensive with Pamela Klieman (2020)

 x Completed Self Healing School: Herbal Fundamentals Course (2020)

x Miscarriage & Abortion Support Course with Samantha Zipporah (2020)

x Herbal Kitchen Course with Kami McBride (2020)

x Sacred Steams + Hot Stone Press + Teas with Sacred Postpartum (2020)

​x Former Hearts & Hands Volunteer Birth Doula: UCSD (2018-19)

x Certified Childbirth Educator: Childbirth International (2017​)

x M.S. in Public Health: London Metropolitan University (2017)

x B.S. in Public Health with an emphasis in Health Education & Promotion: University of Arizona (2014)

 I offer complimentary consultations via phone or in-person... let's connect!

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