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  I am Ana Marie

+ Woman

+ Birthkeeper

+ Childbirth Educator

+ Globe trotter

         Primal Birth Vision

   Primal Birth was founded on the belief that the way we birth matters.

Birth is yours to claim. You are the the expert of your body, baby & birth.

I consider this work an inherent calling and am committed to honoring & bearing witness to this sacred rite of passage.

My offerings were created with the intention to support individuals who desire to fully embody their pregnancy through autonomy, intuition & knowledge with the support of a nurturing community. 

Education & Experience:

x Spinning Babies Training (2022)

x  Certified Full-Spectrum Doula with Birthing Advocacy (2021)

x Completed Grandma's Hands Pregnancy & Postpartum Herbs and Nutrition in the Southern Tradition Course (2021)

x Red Cross Certified in Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid (2021)

x Infant Massage Intensive with Pamela Klieman (2020)

 x Completed Self Healing School: Herbal Fundamentals Course (2020)

x Miscarriage & Abortion Support Course with Samantha Zipporah (2020)

x Herbal Kitchen Course with Kami McBride (2020)

x Sacred Steams + Hot Stone Press + Teas with Sacred Postpartum (2020)

​x Former Hearts & Hands Volunteer Birth Doula: UCSD (2018-19)

x Certified Childbirth Educator: Childbirth International (2017​)

x M.S. in Public Health: London Metropolitan University (2017)

x B.S. in Public Health with an emphasis in Health Education & Promotion: University of Arizona (2014)





 I offer complimentary consultations via zoom or in-person... let's connect!


Postpartum Support & Meals

Birth Photography & Birth Pool Rental

Placenta Encapsulation

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