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Primal Birth Doula Services 

  Welcome to Primal Birth Doula Services.

I am so happy you found me!

 If you are here, you have an innate knowing that questions the "status quo" of birth in our society today.

You are ready to take radical responsibility for your choices in birth, creating a birth experience that is rooted in knowledge & intuition rather than fear. 

You know that birth is not an emergency and that you have inborn wisdom to birth your baby freely & instinctively.

You recognize that birth is more than just a physiological process. You are prepared to surrender to and be transformed by the magic of birth.

You crave community & connection, to not walk this path alone.


 You desire to be witnessed, held, and honored through pregnancy to postpartum. 

If you are ready to say yes to fully embodying your pregnancy with the support of a nurturing sisterhood and community you are in the right place.

I would love to connect with you.


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